Nanny You Can Trust

Hiring a nanny you can trust may be one of the best decisions you make as a parent.  In this process, it is critical to find a nanny you can depend on and learn to trust. No daycare drop-offs and pick-ups, now the children will have nap time in their own beds, and long-term relationships with childcare providers who become a part of your family.

Trusting a Nanny to care for your child takes more than a certification and background check. How do you know that your child will be safe and properly cared for? How and why should you trust your nanny?

  1. Your Nanny Loves Their Job

Nannies don’t grow a list of multiple references out of nowhere; they’ve worked multiple childcare jobs because it’s what they love to do. A good nanny is a nanny because they love children. Many nannies send photos and videos of themselves engaging with the child throughout the day. Your nanny wants to make your child happy and make you happy too. Your nanny is your employee and all employees want to love their jobs. Show your nanny that you appreciate them by doing simple things like remembering their birthday, offering to bring them lunch, or giving them a holiday bonus.


  1. Your Nanny Wants You to Feel Comfortable

The desire for trust is not one-sided; you want to trust your nanny and your nanny wants to be trusted. Call previous references, set up ‘nanny cams’, and turn on iPhone locator for the day, if that’s what it takes. If you’re comfortable, your nanny will be comfortable, and if your nanny is comfortable, your child will be comfortable. The key is to set guidelines and boundaries that you and your nanny are comfortable with before hiring them. Be open and honest with your nanny. If you’re having a hard time trusting someone with your child, let them know. Open and honest communication is the best way to build a strong relationship. Some nannies may feel smothered with locators and nanny cams, but other nannies will feel good knowing that you feel secure. Finding balance is key.

  1. Your Nanny Is Represented by an Agency

Do you do your own taxes? Did you bake your own wedding cake? Teach yourself to scuba dive? No? Then why try to find a nanny yourself? Finding a great nanny is challenging. A nanny can be loving and experienced but still not be the right fit for your family. Let the professionals handle everything for you! An easy way to know if a nanny is serious about their job and truly loves children or just wants extra money and an “easy job”, is to hire a nanny agency. A good nanny agency offers industry knowledge, professionalism, and so much more. Instead of posting ads, scheduling interviews, and calling references for weeks, trust a local agency to refer their top sitters.