Nanny Cams for Security and a Source of Happiness!

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The latest technology in web cams, spy cams, nanny cams, and concealed cameras in general have been developed mostly for security concerns. It’s important to ensure the safety of your home and family, and security cameras are key to achieving that goal.

Useful in both homes and businesses, we find security cameras helpful to protect against theft, employee misbehavior, and overall peace of mind. For businesses, a camera by the register and one in the stockroom can go a long way to curtailing certain employee issues. Hidden cameras are especially effective because of their secretive nature, however there’s an added benefit to be considered.

Nanny Cams Useful for More than Security

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Parents today are quite often each pursuing careers and many agonize over their absence from home, especially when the children are young and experiencing new things daily. They may feel they’re missing out on witnessing important developmental steps or perhaps fear their children aren’t receiving the level of care they prefer.

Nanny cams solve many of the challenges parents face. They can observe their caregivers, ensuring their children are treated well and rules are followed as specified, but there’s another benefit of value.

Share the Daily Victories

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Observing your children clandestinely with nanny cams offers a unique opportunity to share in their more joyful moments, and even to save them for posterity, if your camera system has a recording feature. Beyond the security offered with cameras, there is also the level of confidence that is gained when you can view your target whenever you choose. Parents are provided the ability to focus on their activities outside of the home, no longer wondering what they’re missing or if the nanny is doing her job. Considering this additional benefit, it would seem no amount of money would be too much.

Reasonably Priced

Fortunately, security cameras are pretty reasonably priced, whether in the form of nanny cams secreted into a favored toy or a complete system installed throughout the home.

We would recommend having both obvious cameras and concealed cameras in particular rooms. For example, a secret camera in high traffic rooms like the kid’s bedrooms and the family room where they play; perhaps the kitchen or dining room where their food is prepared or where they take meals. Depending on your particular concern, having these areas covered by concealed cameras affords you the chance to observe behavior where it counts. You’ll also be able to compare your nanny’s performance where she knows there are cameras vs where the cameras are hidden. Even if you don’t find any issues with your nanny, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ve made a great choice in nannies.

Build a Memory Archive

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Even if you don’t check the views consistently while you’re away, most systems allow you to record and view at your leisure. Your nanny cams are a great source of footage for keepsake video compilations and can potentially offer an endless supply of clips and photos to use however you like, from gifts to scrapbooking.

When it comes to monitoring your nanny, be sure to observe state laws.  In some locations, employees must be aware of any voice recording. If that’s the case, and your nanny objects, parents would be required to select monitoring equipment that is video only. Clandestine video surveillance is permitted in all states as of today, however it’s best to check before making an investment in any type of system.

Monitor even when you’re Home!

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You’ll also help your children develop their self confidence and independence with the use of  nanny cams. When the kids are playing in the house or yard, if you have video surveillance set up, you’re able to keep an eye on things without looming and allow your children to stretch their wings a bit without worry.

Ever have that argument about who poked who? A secret cam will ensure you have the facts. Want to be able to step out to the corner store and leave your 13 year old home for a few minutes? Now you can run out with confidence, monitoring home on your phone if you need to. Leaving the older teenagers in charge exposes a whole new set of potential challenges that nanny cams in the right locations can resolve.

Ever Wonder?

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Beyond your children and their daily antics, consider your pets and what they are up to all day. Perhaps your pets are your children? How entertaining would it be to see how they spend their day?

Use your imagination and get the most out of your security system!

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