Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring a nanny, you may want answers to these question…

How long have you been in business?

Nannies on The Go began placing Nannies in the DFW are in 2006. We are pleased to have served the Dallas- Fort Worth Community for nearly 15 years. With age comes experience, consistency, a large registry of 900+ pre-screened professional caregivers and over 5,000 clients.

Is it a requirement that all candidates have met at the agency offices prior to being approved for the registry?

Although there are numerous agencies that do not even require face-to-face interviews, Nannies On The Go feels this is a vital part of the consideration process. We have met and fully screened all applicants in person prior to sending them to your family to be interviewed.

Is it a standard policy that your agency requires all candidates pass a background check prior to being hired? Are drug tests available?

Each and every candidate is required to submit to a Criminal Background check, Social Security check, Driving Record screen and a Sex Offender check. If requested, there is also a 10 panel drug screen administered through Lab Corp to get to the next step of security. There are never any exceptions to the safety of the Nannies On The Go Children and families.

Is it safe to say that everyone you will send to us for consideration is legally allowed to work in the United States?

Yes, which is why we conduct a Social Security check in addition to the other background screenings.

What requirements are in place in regard to certifications for your nannies?

Nannies On The Go insists that ALL nannies are CPR Certified for Infants and Children before they begin a position with a family. You can be guaranteed your Nanny has completed current classes with the most updated information regarding First Aid and safety.

Do you have training or Support Programs for your Nannies?

Yes. There is a training program for every Nanny, Sitter and caregiver that has been accepted in our registry. We conduct advanced training seminars in our offices that give the caregivers the tools to provide the best care for infants through school age children. Topics include Childcare growth, behavior and development, creating safe and secure environments for children, current childcare health trends and professionalism.

How does your agency guarantee work?

All placements, whether full time or part time, come automatically with a full four month guarantee. We are extremely confident that our nannies are committed to the stability in your family and are happy to stand behind each and every family that hires one of our nannies! There are no hidden fees!

Do you offer any additional Services?

The most popular service we offer, which sets us apart from many other agencies, is our complimentary back-up service. Like many of us, Nannies get called to Jury duty, have Doctor’s appointments or may get ill. Nannies On The Go is happy to provide a back-up Nanny for free on the day your Nanny is scheduled to be out. You simply pay the back-up Nanny for the hours she has worked and there is no agency fee. This complimentary service lasts the lifetime of your employment with your Nannies On The Go Nanny!

What is a typical Nanny Salary?

Nanny: $20.00-$30.00/hour based on the amount of children and the experience of the Nanny.

What are your agency fees for different memberships and nanny types?
  • Permanent Full Time Nanny 10% of gross annual compensation (35 hours per week and over)
  • Permanent Part-time Nanny – 12% of gross annual compensation (35 hours per week and under)
  • Live-In Nanny- 15% of gross annual fee for first year. Generally a live-in Nanny will receive $800.00/week
  • Annual Family Membership – $1,250.00 (unlimited)
  • Temporary Annual Membership $100.00 + $30.00 per visit