Coronavirus – Can My Nanny Keep Working?


We know the Coronavirus pandemic presents a very confusing time and there are many questions about how this effects you and your Nanny or in home childcare. We see so many differing posts on Social Media about the legality/ability of a Nanny coming to your home to provide childcare.

Both Tarrant County and Dallas County Offices have confirmed that an “in home” childcare provider is considered an essential business. Both offices have stated that a Nanny who is taking care of a child “in the home” is considered an essential business. Please see the paragraph below that was copied from the Dallas County Order on March 24th.

“Essential Operations.. Home-based and residential-based care for seniors, adults, or children are also considered healthcare operations.”

Many of our Nannies also have educational backgrounds and have experience as teachers. This can be a great opportunity for you to hire a Nanny to keep your children on a good educational path while they are not in school. Our in home childcare providers can set up a curriculum that is based on age appropriate lesson plans.

However, with parents working out of home, it may not be necessary to  have your Nanny working during this time. If it is affordable, and no parent is losing income, it is a nice gesture to continue paying your Nanny for her typical hours. The Nanny is also struggling through these changing times!

Additional Services Available Now:  

If you don’t have the time, Nannies On The Go is offering complimentary personal shoppers for you. In appreciation of our families and our elderly friends, we are not charging for the service. The shopper will have an hourly fee so feel free to pay them directly. Please know they are all self-regulating and following COVID 19 guidelines for safety.

We can connect you with:

  • Personal Shoppers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Teachers

Call us if you or an elderly friend, parent or neighbor needs any help while we shelter in place.

We have a huge registry of healthy active ladies & men who are excited to help!


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