Parenting Your Toddler

parenting toddler
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Parenting is not for the meek — specifically if we’re discussing toddlers! At this phase, your youngster begins to reveal her special individuality and discover personal interests and what she likes. It might be a brand-new fascination with “princess” gowns and hair decorations, or it might be a cute new habit, like singing to mom with breakfast. Along with the endearing qualities you may also notice a few qualities you’re not quite so fond of. Toddlers are well-known for temper tantrums and demanding treats. Half the battle is knowing what to expect and if it’s normal toddler activity. Here are the highlights of what you can expect with your toddler. You may be surprised to learn that much of the craziness you’re experiencing is actually a good thing; signs that your toddler is developing a strong sense of who they are and how they fit into the family.

What to Expect when Parenting Your Toddler

She will certainly require your wholehearted interest. You’ll find her by your side all day, following you as you go about your daily chores, joining you supportively on all your tasks. It’s wonderful to be the center of someone’s universe, but it can be exhausting.

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Toddlers are expected to be egocentric. At this age, they have not yet discovered how be be mindful of other individual’s feelings and ideas. It will certainly be about her, her, her. Her treats, her story time, her favored television programs, her play time. However, do not fret, child experts tell us a toddler’s self-centeredness becomes part of creating an understanding of her place in the world. That does not suggest that you must accept every one of her impulses. It’s important that toddlers comprehend their limitations.

Expect a limited attention span and learn to work with it. Among the important things you’ll observe regarding your toddler is that she does not stick to one project for long. She is most likely to move from one task to another pretty regularly. She might be obsessed with her hairpin collection at one point, and start coloring the next, only to move onto a TV show shortly thereafter.

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She is increasingly independent. Young children are just starting to genuinely see the world they live in and they are intent on discovering it on their own. Quite often, whether they will recognize it or not, they need your guidance. It’s not always welcome, but an important parental function none the less. At some point your toddler will start inexplicably moving furniture about to no apparent end. Kitchen chairs or their high chair will absolutely need to be scooted a few feet this way or that to be in the perfect position. This is a manifestation of her exerting her will upon her world and is a sign that she is moving onto the next exciting stage of development!

You’ll find toddlers are easily frustrated as their current abilities aren’t able to keep up with their inherent curiosity. Sometimes it takes mom’s help to get that hair clip just so, and toddlers will potentially become enraged at their inability to handle it completely on their own. The upside is that toddlers are also exceptionally persistent, so if they can keep at it long enough, they’ll figure it out. It’s one of the reasons toddlers tend to learn so quickly.

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Your toddler has no comprehension of time as you see it. She follows her very own “clock.” Your young child is not yet conscious that grownups have timetables to adhere to. She operates on her very own time schedule, and it has nothing to do with when you need to be at work. It could either be speedy (for instance when she is magnetically drawn towards a something harmful) or unbelievably pokey(like when she demands to pick out her own outfit and getting herself ready). She isn’t the least little bit stressed concerning whether you’re late for anything or have a stack of washing to do. Rushing her only creates more frustration for both of you. The only thing to do is take a breath, try to relax and take things in stride. Your best defense is to focus on cherishing the toddler years for what they are and enjoy discovering the world through their eyes.

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