Live-In Nannies

live-in nannyThe benefit of a Dallas, Texas nanny agency full time live-in nannies is not just that they can care for your children when you can’t, but also that they may be available to help mom with meal preparation, school drop offs, housekeeping, laundry, homework, packing lunches, bath time, dressing and other services.

Full time live in nannies offer many advantages for local Dallas / Fort Worth families as well as for the nannies themselves. For example, an agency nanny living with a family is able to pay lower rent, and has no grocery expenses. They coordinate closely with the parents in order to create strong relationships with the family they are caring for. For a Dallas / Fort Worth family, a full time agency live in nanny can alleviate a lot of stress. Having an extra pair of hands in the home, especially if an infant is involved, can be a tremendous help.

Dallas / Fort Worth Live in Nanny Full Time Job Qualifications

  • Experienced, professional care for all ages, baby to teen
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Ability to multi-task with minimal supervision
  • Depending on the child, your nanny should be physically able to lift and carry them
  • Reliable and patient

Dallas / Fort Worth Full Time Live-in Nanny Job Services

Typical full time nanny on-the-job responsibilities would include:

  • Provide a safe, loving, and stimulating environment for their charges. This is the primary responsibility of any nanny. Your kids should be encouraged to have fun indoors and outdoors, every day.
  • Dress their charges and teach them to dress themselves
  • Diapering and toilet training
  • Grooming, bathing, brushing hair and providing overall goals in hygiene
  • Light house cleaning— this does range depending on the age and individual needs. Normally, your nanny is in charge of tidying play areas, clothes cleaning, and sterilizing bottles and toys. Sometimes families will compensate more fully to have more complex cleaning completed.
  • Work together with the family on appropriate rules and discipline.
  • Bring the kids to activities outside the home, like play groups, lessons, going to a park, and sport activities
  • Care for your loved ones when they are sick

Each and every one of our Dallas / Fort Worth personalized nanny placement candidates is required to submit to a Criminal Background check, Social background checkSecurity check, Driving Record screen and a Sex Offender check as part of their agency nanny background screening. We will verify their references and, if requested, there is also a 10-panel drug screen administered through Lab Corp to achieve the next step of security. There are never any exceptions to ensuring the safety of the Nannies On The Go families.

Back-Up Service

One of the most outstanding benefits of nanny placement through our Dallas / Fort Worth Agency is our premium Back-Up Service, a safety net setting us apart from many other agencies. Like many of us, Nannies encounter scheduling conflicts.  They get called to Jury duty, have Doctor’s appointments or may become ill. Our Dallas, Texas Agency will interview and expedite a back-up Nanny at no additional charge on the day your trusted Nanny is scheduled to be out. You simply compensate the back-up Nanny for the hours she puts in and there is no agency fee. This great complimentary service is available for the lifetime of your employment with your Nanny!

Our Guarantee

At the Nannies on the Go agency, all Dallas, Texas nanny job placements, whether full time or part time, automatically come with a full six-month guarantee. We are extremely confident that our Dallas / Fort Worth nannies are committed to the stability of your family and are happy to stand behind each and every one of our nannies!

Within the first six months, if you find your nanny doesn’t meet your expectations, our Dallas agency also guarantees we’ll conduct additional interviews and expedite location of a permanent replacement. We will promptly conduct another search for your family and provide you with a temporary Nanny while we find a more suitable Nanny for your child. No other online agencies currently provide this kind of insurance.

Whether you’re looking for services of a full time domestic nanny, a babysitter for an event, a mother’s domestic helper or part-time summer nanny, Nannies On The Go will have the nanny you need and their efficient system will expedite the process to find the perfect match for your family quickly.  Call our agency today!


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